Roof Maintenance for the Summer Heat

Imagine a hot summer day and just how brutal it can be to spend a few hours outdoors in the sweltering heat. Now add 50 degrees to that and you’re beginning to simulate the plight of the traditional black colored roof. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average roof can absorb so much […]

DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes for the Home

The standard way of cleaning your home has a pretty murky health record. The majority of cleaners on store shelves contain hazardous materials you won’t always find on the label. The ironic twist of modern-day cleaning is that when we use most store-bought cleaners, we’re unknowingly polluting our indoor air, creating indoor air quality worse […]

Wall Storage Ideas Using Hooks

You can never be too rich or have too much storage. It’s one of life’s simple truths. Many people focus on drawers and cabinets when they think of storage solutions, but walls offer the greatest surface area with the biggest visual impact. Though storage, in general, may seem a mere matter of practicality, you can […]