Take Care and Respect Your Sofas Because They Have a Life in Your Home

Almost every home has a sofa or living room set one way or the other. However, many families don’t seem to respect their sofas as much as they take care and respect the other furniture or appliances in the home. Consider the following facts about sofas:

  • The average life-span of a sofa is around 2,958 days or that’s about 8 years, give or take a few years in addition.
  • Through its life span, a sofa will host, on average, around 782 visitors.
  • A sofa, surprisingly, has a much better return rate than your local bank. On average, a sofa will return to you over $291.80 per year in change found inside the cushions.
  • The average child will lose four socks and four toys down the back of a sofa each month.
  • Since a really nice sofa feels like a trampoline, the average sofa is jumped over 587 times by both children and adults.
  • Couples who own a sofa will kiss and cuddle on it 12 to 14 times a month. The number is higher for singles who own a sofa, and even more can happen on it. All in all, a sofa will be host to 1,174 kisses and 1,369 cuddles over its lifetime. Again, the numbers are higher for singles.
  • A sofa will be used as a bed or slept on 489 times. From this number, 293 times will be caused by domestic disputes.
  • The average sofa is used as a place to sit while eating 13 times a month. That rounds out to around 1,261 meal times over the lifetime of the sofa.
  • Television owners watch about 1,271 TV programs and 782 DVD films over the lifetime of the sofa. Aside from this, over the 8 or so years of the sofa life-span, that’s 8 Super Bowls, 8 NBA championships, 8 Stanley Cup Finals, and 8 World Series.
  • Children will spill up 3 times per night on the sofa. Adults spill about 6 times per month. Over 87% of people will never clean or reupholster their sofa with an average of 1,663 spills over its lifetime.

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. When deciding upon a living room design, you should create a comfortable space for your family and guests. Infused with your personal style, a sofa will quickly become the focal point of the room. The right selection can provide inspiration for an expanse of elegant, upscale, or contemporary decor.