Wall Storage Ideas Using Hooks

You can never be too rich or have too much storage. It’s one of life’s simple truths. Many people focus on drawers and cabinets when they think of storage solutions, but walls offer the greatest surface area with the biggest visual impact. Though storage, in general, may seem a mere matter of practicality, you can make an artistic statement with wall storage, even if you’re using simple hooks. With fall and winter always in full swing, warm coats come out of storage and start piling up near the front door. Make it easy for family and guests to hang up outer layers with wall-mounted coat racks and hooks by the house entrance or the kitchen door.

If you don’t like metal coat racks and hooks, traditional wooden shaker peg rails are better for you and have a fashionable look of its own. It’s hand-made from solid oak to last for many years. For a more industrial atmosphere, look to the Pottery Barn’s Blacksmith wall-mounted bar with movable hooks, which allow for easy customization. They are also very sturdy and can even take the weight of water or snow boots. You can recycle a used iron rake hook. It adds lots of farmhouse character while corralling hats, coats, and dog leashes. Normally, rakes are only 15 inches wide, so it’s great for small spaces and smaller accessories.

For your home or apartment entrance, you might want to build or purchase an all-in-one wooden unit with everything you need such as five large hooks for coats and such, three smaller hooks for keys and smaller items, and a built-in ledge for anything else you might wish to place on top. You can recycle reclaimed driftwood from beaches, sanded, stained, and shellacked to make Mead wall hooks. Each piece is unique and can measure between 8 inches and 12 inches high, and painted with different colors. You can also purchase old-time retro accordion wooden wall racks with a twist.

These wooden coat racks come in different sizes and stretches such as single, double, and quadruple ring versions to fit your space. An interactive wooden timber peg storage hall rack is both a game and an organization center. Outfitted with a series of holes, the various pegs and hooks can be moved to fit your accessories. Why not make a DIY cubby row wire cage peak wall storage unit that offers hooks for coats and a convenient row of wire cubbies in one compact piece. Wire construction means you won’t lose pairs of errant gloves since everything is on display.